Spring Term

Most colleges get out of school in the end of April, so when prospective students hear that Hanover doesn’t get out until May, it can be discouraging. However, we don’t get out until May because we have this glorious time called Spring Term or May Term. We have our normal first two semesters just like everyone else, but then we tag on an extra month of school where we only take one class.

Hiking out to Crowe Falls
Hiking out to Crowe Falls

We can have Spring Term because we go to school about two weeks later than everyone else and  we have an extra week break called winter break in between the start of second semester and spring break. So technically we go to class the same amount of time. Ours is just a little more spread out.

The one class we do take usually lasts only 2-3 hours everyday (unless you are a bio or chem major, then you are in class all day). I am taking Cardiopulmonary Assessment. I have this class every day from 10-12.

A picture with friends at wiffleball
A picture with friends at wiffleball

I love all the spare time that we get in Spring term. There is so much time to go and play intramural sports or go for a hike with friends. Not to mention that one of our fraternities, Lambda Chi Alpha, puts on a month long philanthropy event. They set up a wiffleball field next to their house and you can sign up teams with as many or few players as you wish. You pay a couple dollars to enter your team and  they send out a schedule every day of the bracket and who plays when.

Teams play from Sunday to Thursday and from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. All of campus basically comes to this makeshift wiffleball field to hang out with each other and cheer on the players.

I love Spring Term. It gives you so much time to hang outside in the sun and bond with friends on campus

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