Hanover softball goes to the HCAC tourney

The Hanover College Softball Team!
The Hanover College Softball Team.

Now that Spring Break is over, May Term on Hanover’s campus is just beginning. Our Spring Break is a bit different from everyone else’s because of May Term, where you take just one class for the month, but for the softball team it wasn’t just different, it was special.

While most other students went on a nice relaxing trip to Gulf Shores, Fla., or one of the other hot spots, we were on campus for several games. Not only were they games, but they were very important games at that. They were the games that determined our fate for the rest of the season, and whether or not our season would extend past Spring Break.

Even though everyone else was having fun in other places, we had fun ourselves, and we made it into the conference tournament! This is the first time in 14 years that the softball team has made it to the conference tourney. So it has definitely been a couple of weeks for the history books, and we are super excited to be going.

We’ll play our conference tournament at Anderson University because Anderson is the number one seed this year in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. Although we play them first, we are pumped! We run ruled Anderson to make us one of the two losses they faced. This year our conference is tighter than ever, so really it’s anyone’s tourney to win! But that is what makes it fun, I think.

Something else that is going to make it a very memorable experience is how we get to spend the tourney. While normally we would be staying in a hotel, we are staying at a teammate’s house instead. Unfortunately, Ball State University’s graduation is this weekend also. This has caused every hotel remotely close to be booked. So one of our teammate’s family has been gracious enough to let us stay in their house. I think that it will be tons of fun, just like a giant sleepover.

As of right now, we’ll our first game on Friday at noon and the overall results will determine when we play again. Our goal is to obviously win the tourney, but no matter what, I am so proud of the Hanover College softball team. I am so excited to see what is in store for us this weekend. Be sure to wish us luck.


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