An amazing night at the Gala

The Annual Gala
The Annual Gala

One of the reasons that Hanover College is unique is because of the professional events that students are invited to attend. My favorite of all of these this past semester was the annual Gala.

As a freshman, this was my first time attending, but all of the great things I heard about it definitely lived up to the actual event. Here’s a promotional video I found from a few years ago filmed at the Gala.

My friends and I spent the evening getting all dressed up for this event: ties and high heels were a must. Then, we walked over to the Science Center around 8 p.m. We were greeted by many of our professors and staff garbed in suits and dresses. Our friends and Sodexo employees welcomed us as they approached with many trays of fancy delicatessens — some of which I had never even heard of before.

I sampled most of the food the waiters served as everyone stood and chatted with each other. Then, my friends and I noticed the tables set around the room. These tables held even more fancy appetizers—from a cheese and fruit bar to a bread station. There were even grills set up on the second floor of the Science Center where employees made meal samples.

After a while, my friends and I realized that we were really bad at being fancy. We may have looked the part, but after each of us spilled our food in different places around the building we decided we should just give it up. By this time, the building was packed with both students and faculty.

So, we decided to hang out on the third floor couches until the desserts were served. We had heard many wonderful things about them, and we were excited to try some for ourselves. While we laughed and talked on the couches, the hours passed, and it was already time for dessert.

However, before we could go downstairs and find them for ourselves, the Sodexo workers started to come upstairs and deliver delicious chocolates straight to us! It was really nice of them to bring them all the way to us. You could say we really got the best of both worlds there. The desserts were a great part of the Gala. Almost anything you could imagine, from handmade chocolate truffles to miniature apple pies, were served.

At the end of the night, the best part of the Gala was being able to be with all of my friends. However, the amazing food was pretty close up there, too.

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