Spending a day at Silly Safaris

My friends and I holding the animals from Silly Safari!
My friends and I holding the animals from Silly Safari.

One of the things that makes me love Hanover even more is all of the opportunities and experiences it offers. In this post and my next few, I will tell you about some of the super awesome things that I have been able to do because I decided to go to Hanover College.

The first one was actually a presentation that my roommate dragged me to. I know, a presentation sounds really boring (that’s what I was originally thinking), but this one was way more unique and exciting. It was called Silly Safaris and was a demonstration on wild animals! The demonstration was led by the one and only Amazon John and, surprisingly, only a few handfuls of Hanover College students were able to show up. I was lucky to be one of the few who attended.

Amazon John started off with a few of the typical animal jokes to get us laughing. He was definitely the perfect mixture of fun and intelligence because I found myself being entertained while learning a lot about the wild animals. He would always ask for an audience volunteer, and somehow I think he could smell the anxiousness of a few people in the audience when it came to the creepy critters. Naturally, he always picked them to help.

We were shown a lizard, frog, snake, kinkajou, owl and even a tarantula!! He also had an armadillo with him, along with his dog and a few other animals from his company. During his presentation, he would pull one animal out at a time to tell facts about them and inside information, such as what they liked to eat or their favorite playtime activity.

That's one big spider!
That’s one big spider!

The end of his show was definitely the neatest part because, after he was finished talking, we all got to come and hold or pet the animals! It was during this part where I get to the unique experience section of my story.

First, I was able to pet the owl, appropriately named Owlbert. Then, I pet the armadillo, the bunnies, skipped over the boa constrictor and tarantula because I am terrified of snakes and spiders, and ended with playing with Amazon John’s pet dog.

However, after a lot of the crowd dispersed, Amazon John got out the kinkajou, Fern. The students remaining got to hold Fern, which ended up as her pretty much just climbing all over us. Then, he got the tarantula out from its cage and let a few people gingerly hold it.

Initially, I ran as far away as I could (Amazon John laughed), but as I saw my roommate hold the spider, I realized that maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I had imagined. So, I decided to be brave and I held the tarantula! That was actually a really cool experience and was definitely something that I never imagined I would do. I even got the tarantula to spin a little web in my hand!

While holding a spider might not seem like a big deal to most people, it was definitely really cool to freak my friends and family out by showing them the photos I had taken. Thanks to Hanover College, I was able to experience holding many wild animals — some friendly and others, a little creepy.


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