When you face a tough call in softball

Here is a pic of me running to score during one of our games
Here is a pic of me running to score during one of our games

This weekend, we played our second conference double header for softball. It sure was a chilly start. It was our first away game, and it was all the way at Defiance (Ohio).

From Hanover College, Defiance College is a good five- or six- hour drive, depending on traffic. Luckily for us, we were able to avoid the traffic, but at the cost of leaving here at 7 a.m.

Every long trip we make, we get a charter bus. So we are able to sleep on the way there and the way back. It is always funny seeing us get on the bus before we leave on these trips because even though we aren’t going to really be gone that long, it often looks like we are leaving for a week.

We have our full bat bags with all of our equipment, and each of us usually brings a pillow, blanket and backpack to maybe do homework on the way there or back. That doesn’t even include our team equipment that we take.

Because Defiance is a pretty far drive north, the weather at Hanover was much different than in Defiance. Luckily, we all planned for that and wore extra layers. But what we weren’t expecting was for the field to get frozen.

Our game was actually delayed an hour because of the field freezing overnight. So, we took advantage of our extra time and got a great meal at Cracker Barrel before the game.

At this point, we were about an hour and a half from the field, so we had plenty of time to settle down afterwards and get mentally prepared for the games we had ahead of us. But I don’t think anyone could be mentally prepared for the outcome of the day.

The first game was a great game to watch, but also a close one. We went into extra innings and came out on top with a win. Afterward, we were ready to seal the deal and come out with a sweep for the day.

The second game was a battle, to say the least. We were neck and neck with Defiance most of the game, and this resulted in extra innings yet again. Whenever we play extra innings in softball, we do something called international tiebreaker. What that means is that in order to try to speed the game up a little bit, the last out from the previous inning is placed on second base as a runner while the game goes on regularly.

It’s just like that person had advanced to second but you start with that person there and the idea is to get one team to score quickly. So with that in mind, we were in extra innings, and during our at bat, even with that runner starting at second, we were not able to score her.

So, we were out in the field, and were able to keep that runner at second base for the first two outs. On the last out, there was a hard hit to second base and we made the out. At this point we were coming into the dugout ready to hit when the opposing team’s coach appeals the call for the home plate umpire to make because she thought our first baseman pulled her foot from the bag before she caught the ball to make the out.

The umpire then ruled in her favor and said she had pulled her foot, and then claimed that somehow between then, the runner at second had scored, meaning we had lost the game. I can honestly say that I am not sure how that is possible, but regardless, it was one of the worst ways to lose a game that I have ever experienced. But at that point it was over, and the call was out of our control.

Overall, our double header at Defiance resulted in a win the first game and a loss the second game. As much as it stinks, the one thing we can all take away from the game is that sometimes there are things that are out of our control. What matters in the end, though, is how you are able to rebound from it all.

I think now more than ever we are ready to kick some butt, and hopefully we do this week when we have three more conference games.


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