Event Staff is a great job

My view while working the lacrosse game.
My view while working the lacrosse game.

As an athlete at Hanover College, I enjoy watching other sports and Hanover athletes in action. One sport that I had never watched before I came to Hanover is lacrosse. Because of my job as an event staff member, I’ve had the opportunity to see some lacrosse games.

I like my job, and an added benefit is supporting my fellow Hanover athletes. The majority of the events I work are the lacrosse games.

My job is shagging balls, which is basically chasing down balls when they go out of bounds. Not only do I enjoy the job, but I also get to take advantage of the beautiful weather and watch some of my friends play lacrosse.

The men’s and women’s team have both been successful this year. This is the first year that Hanover College has had a women’s lacrosse team, and they are off to a great season so far. Another reason I enjoy the lacrosse games is because they are played at the new Alumni Stadium, which in my opinion, is a top notch stadium.

Another one of my favorite parts of being on Event Staff is just being able to experience all of the sports at Hanover College. With this job of being on the Event Staff, I have worked men and women’s soccer, volleyball, men’s basketball, track and field, and men and women’s lacrosse. It’s nice to have a job revolve around things I love, like sports and Hanover College.

As the Spring Term approaches in May, I look forward to more lacrosse games, softball games, baseball games, tennis matches and other outdoor activities. It will be nice to work more — yes, I said that  — and enjoy the spring weather.


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