Easter Weekend

Here were our easter eggs from last year!
Here were our Easter eggs from last year.

“April showers bring May flowers.” That is how I am trying to stay positive about the weather here lately.

Last week, we had heavy rain and it is supposed to continue into this week. But, luckily Easter was clear of rain and was a beautiful day. I had a game at Defiance on Saturday and then went home afterwards with my parents.

It was nice to be able to spend time with my family on Easter. But it didn’t feel like nearly enough. It was much better than last year, though. Last year, I was not able to spend Easter with my family because of a combination of class work and softball.

As a student athlete, that is something that you have to keep in mind. Student athletes often have their schedules change constantly, making it hard to go home on a spur of the moment decision.

For spring sports, it’s often changing because of weather conditions, like all the rain we have been getting this year. Luckily here at Hanover College, your roommates, classmates and teammates are often like a second family.

I live in a pod in Ogle, which means I live with several people. Two or three people share a bedroom, and the pod has three bedrooms. But together we all share a common living room and laundry room.

There are seven of us total who have lived together since the end of the first semester of my sophomore year, so for about a year and a half now. Over time we have gotten very close and love to do things together.

One of my roommates also plays softball, and last year I remember we were pretty bummed that we weren’t able to see our families around Easter time. So instead, the entire pod decided to color Easter eggs together. It was so much fun. It may seem a little childish but we felt like you can never be too old to color Easter eggs. I even saw a really easy way to do it with fingernail polish!

Overall, I am very happy to be a college athlete, even when it can sometimes be rough. But I guess you can say that I really cherish the times that I get to see my family. I always try to take advantage of the time I can have with them in the fall because during the season my schedule is apt to change.

It’s more like a “to be determined” schedule that a set-in-stone type of schedule. But I guess you can say it keeps me on my toes. Either way I am going to try to look at the bright side of it all, even if it is rainy outside.

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