Hiking the trails at Hanover

Just a few things I saw on my hike.
Just a few things I saw on my hike.

Need something to do on these long, sunny days? Hanover College has just what you need. Go for a run, play sand volleyball, play basketball outside, ride your bike or just fasten a hammock to a tree outside and catch up on some reading.

While I have done almost all of these things, I also learned of another activity to do at Hanover. During my freshman year, my peer advisor took my group on a hike.

Recently, a few of my teammates and I went and checked out the trail again. I didn’t realize there were multiple trails to go on with different paths and lengths. We decided to do some investigating.

Since it was the first time going on these new trails, we decided to stick with the shortest one, which was about a half a mile. It was nice to get away from everything and take a break from studying.

While we were walking, we saw a couple of deer and were amazed that the deer came close to us. The farther we walked, the more we saw. We saw many fellow Hanoverians along the way too.

The most impressive part of the hike was the scenery. Hanover College has the most beautiful campus; that’s why it was “named among the ‘20 Most Beautiful College Campuses’ in the country by the Princeton Review, and one of the ‘17 College Campuses with the Best Fall Foliage’ by Her Campus. Hanover is the only school in Indiana to make one or both lists.”

While we did not see colorful leaves on the trees, the new spring arrival of flowers sprouting and tress budding was just as stunning. As we came to the end of trail, we decided to commemorate this walk with some country music and just enjoy the time.

It’s safe to say this hike and the weather gets me excited about May Term. I can’t wait for the warm weather every day and shorter classes.


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