What’s it like to play college softball?

Our adorable cake pops!
Our adorable cake pops.

This week was a week full of sports. In softball alone, we had three games scheduled. One thing that many people do not realize is that every game we have scheduled is actually a double header. So instead of having three games, we actually had six scheduled for the week. ​

Wednesday started our game schedule and we played Wilmington College. Last year, Wilmington swept us, which means they won both games. But, this year was a drastic switch because instead, we swept them!

The first game was a run rule, so it ended in five innings instead of the regular seven. In the second game, we made it a bit more exciting and it went into extra innings because we were tied.

Whenever the game is tied after seven innings, we go into what is called international tie breaker. When this happens, the runner who was out last from the team up to bat starts the inning off at second base.

This helps to speed the game along a little bit so that someone scores. I was so proud of my team for pulling it off and continuing to fight for the victory! It was a great day to play softball too. The weather was around 70 degrees and beautiful!

Sunday’s weather was a bit different, though. We were supposed to play Saturday, but Thursday we got a lot of rain. This rain not only postponed our game with Indiana University Southeast again, it also moved our games to Sunday.

The weather wasn’t nearly as good as it was Wednesday, but you have to make do sometimes. Sadly we lost both games, but it was still a good set.

We played Manchester, which is in our conference. But I am confident we will be able to learn from this and get it together for our games this week.

No matter the outcome, one thing our softball team is never short of is fan support. We have awesome fans and parents who do so much to cheer us on.

One of our teammates, Anna, her mom made us these adorable cake pops with our numbers on them and in the shape of a softball glove. How cute are they? Another one of the parents brings us food for in between games all the time. It’s always really good, too.

My family is always there for me no matter what. I am very lucky to have such a supportive family and boyfriend who come to as many games as possible to watch.

Now onto this week to see what the Panther softball team will do!


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