Taking study breaks

Between classes, sports and work, sometimes you just have to take a break for yourself and relax. For my R & R (rest and relaxation) time, I normally watch Netflix on my laptop. It’s simple to pull up when I need a break from writing a paper or what not. It’s easy to access when I absolutely need a break from my to-do lists.

The poster of the "Friends" cast that my boyfriend got me for Valentine's Day.
The poster of the “Friends” cast that my boyfriend got me for Valentine’s Day.

The problem with Netflix is that once you start something, such as a television series, it’s impossible not to finish it. I’ll get back to my dorm knowing I need to study for the test that I have, but instead I’ll say to myself, “Just one episode.”

At times that one episode turns into two or three episodes, but don’t tell my mom. I’m already the ultimate procrastinator, and this makes it about 10 times worse.

Netflix recently released all 10 seasons of the show “Friends,” and while I’m not completely proud of it, I will admit that I have finished all 10 seasons in about three months.

This is along with classes, practices, games, working and still trying to have a social life. I can say that were days I got entirely too caught up in the show.

Some people call it binge watching. I think that’s kind of appropriate. As my urge to watch episode after episode continued, my boyfriend realized my love for “Friends”  and bought me a poster of the “Friends” cast for Valentine’s Day. He knows me all too well because I absolutely loved it.

The point is that if you are trying to get things done, it’s not the greatest idea to start a new show on Netflix. However, taking a break once in a while will definitely give you some peace of mind, help you relax and de-stress for a bit.

So, if you are really stressed out, take a break and watch some Netflix. I promise you will feel better!

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