Jendy’s: the best food group

Jendy's delicious 6-pack of breadsticks
Jendy’s delicious six-pack of bread sticks

Everyone know the five main food groups; we all learn it when we are in elementary school. However, when you get to college you create a new food group — PIZZA. AND Hanover just happens to have the best pizza place around.

Jendy’s Pizza is so good it’s unbelievable. It is also decently cheap. For a six-pack of bread sticks and two cheese sauces, it is around $4.00. If you have a hard test or if you miss dinner in the CC, Jendy’s is always the best answer.

The outside of Jendy's
The outside of Jendy’s

If you are feeling like pizza for lunch, you can go to Jendy’s and get the lunch buffet from 11-2pm. It is around $8.00, give or take some. This might be  the most magical thing to come to our small town. The breadsticks are the best thing at Jendy’s (in my opinion) but I mean a buffet of awesome pizza come in a incredibly close second.

It is also the closest (if not the only) sit-down restaurant in Hanover. We do have heaps of options in Madison, but if you are looking for a close, delicious, cheap restaurant that you can walk to if you don’t have a car, Jendy’s is the winner

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