A Saturday afternoon at Hanover College

While on my run, this was the shot I took from The Point.
While on my run, this was the shot I took from The Point.

After taking a run on campus this past weekend in the 60-degree weather, I thought this would be an appropriate thing to share with my fellow and future Hanoverians. The people I saw and the activities going on were just a couple of examples of how friendly and how much fun you can have at Hanover College. Here are just a few of the things I saw:

1. Students getting homework done on the Donner lawn. Obviously this is one of the first days that we’ve been given a clear blue sky along with this beautiful weather. So yes, many people were outside getting their study on and appreciating every ounce of the weather while getting a tan as well.

2. Students playing games on The Quad and around campus. There were a few people playing Ultimate Frisbee and different games on The Quad behind the Campus Center. There were also people walking around playing tennis golf.

3. The Point. This is just one of the highlights of Hanover College. It’s beautiful, and you can get awestruck just by standing and looking at it. I happened to take a break on my run to capture a quick picture.

4. My professors walking their dogs. Throughout my run, I saw two or three professors walking their dogs or playing with their dogs. It’s nice to see your professors outside of the classroom and see that they really do have lives outside of school too.

5. People playing sand volleyball and outdoor basketball. While the sand volleyball courts and outdoor basketball court by Greenwood had definitely not been used in many months, they were getting put to good use today in the 60-degree weather.

6. The lacrosse game and their cheering fans. As I passed Alumni Stadium, I saw the lacrosse game going on. It seemed they had many fans who were enjoying the weather while supporting their favorite Panthers.

7. The FIJIs on the front lawn. Passing the fraternity, I saw many of them playing corn hole. They were getting excited about their upcoming party. I was pretty happy with it because they were blaring Luke Bryan.

Overall, Hanover College was putting the 60-degree and sunny Saturday to good use, and everyone was enjoying every bit of it.

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