What’s so great about being a resident assistant?

The Hanover College RA Staff for 2014-2015 during August Experience training.
The Hanover College RA Staff for 2014-2015 during August Experience training.

Many times I’ve been asked if I like being a Resident Assistant. I think it’s kind of a silly question because what’s not to like?

This job has taught me some life skills, including organizational skills, but also skills on a much bigger level. This job has helped me become a better leader and has given me confidence in my communication skills.

Throughout all of the activities, in-services and people who I talk with, I have learned more than I thought an RA would typically learn. The job has not only given me skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life, but it has created memories for me as well.

I have met many different people along the way. I thought I was involved in campus activities before being an RA, but once I got the job, I realized how much more involved I could become.

I have met different people and gained new friends, such as my residents, my staff and all of my fellow RAs. From training to in-services to Monday meetings, my staff and I have grown close.

I have realized how much support there is on this campus, just by being in this type of position.

Not only is my staff supportive of me, but the people in leadership positions that overlook Student Life are very encouraging of everything we do. Andre Nash, Casey Heckler, Lindsay Faulstick and Matt Deeg have been helpful to all of the RAs.

Andre is the assistant director of residence life and is a part of my staff in my building, Donner/Ide. He has been a great person to go to for advice and really brought our staff together like family.

Being a part of a position like this has been much more than just a job to me. I have made relationships that I know will last a long time and the job has given me skills that I will use all of my life.

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