Keeping fit in college

One of the beautiful views you can see while hiking on one of the Hanover College hiking trails!
One of the beautiful views you can see while hiking on one of the Hanover College hiking trails.

Within the last year, I have gotten really into fitness. I have played sports my entire life, but that was because I loved the game. I never really did a whole lot of training outside of things related to my sports.

But, as depressing as it really is, my body has changed a lot since I have came to college, which means my workout routines have had to change too.

Not only that, I have also changed my eating habits. It’s awesome though, because here at Hanover, I have a lot of help in making healthy choices.

For example, I am able to request grilled chicken because I have a food allergy, which allows me to eat better. Even if you don’t do that, the Campus Center has healthy meal options, like a salad bar every day.

If you choose to eat in The Underground, there are healthy meal options down there as well, like grilled chicken and grilled chicken sandwiches.

If you have the My Fitness Pal app, you can also sync up the meals and food you eat through the things that Sodexo offers. It can be extremely helpful.

One reason that I have gotten into fitness in the last year has also been because I didn’t know until then how to do things like create a weight lifting workout or even how to correctly weight lift.

At Hanover, I was actually able to learn how because one of the classes we are required to take is Health and Fitness. It is one of our liberal arts requirements, known as a LADR, and it gives you an opportunity to learn some basics about fitness and health.

My boyfriend has also helped me create my workouts because he is a health and movement studies major here. One awesome opportunity you can have is to sign up for a trainer. Many of the KIP majors are required to train a client during one of their classes, and an email goes out asking for volunteers. It’s a great way to help learn and get in shape.

So, if you are into fitness, Hanover College is a great place to share your love of it with others. You don’t have to be an athlete, because the Horner Center has lots of equipment to help you get the most of your work out.

There are also tons of classes you can take with friends, like yoga and zumba. If you don’t want to head to the gym, go for a nice walk or jog around campus. It’s very common to see people out running and enjoying the scenery.

Hiking is also a May Term favorite for everyone. But no matter what you choose to do, have fun with it!


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