Hanover’s first home game for women’s lacrosse

The women playing the first home game
The women playing the first home game

This is the first year Hanover has ever had a women’s lacrosse team. They started recruiting last year in the fall.

Currently, they are 0-3, but this isn’t bad for having a team where half the women have never played the game or have not played in a long time.

Their coach is C.J. Durham. The team has eight freshman, nine sophomores, six juniors and two seniors. For her first year, C.J. really has made a great foundation for this organization. All of us here at Hanover have very high expectations and hope for these girls.

The team traveled to Georgia over Winter Break and made Hanover history by playing in the first ever Hanover women’s lacrosse game. Not too long ago, they played their first home game. They lost, but it was still a great honor to play in the first ever home game.

Supporting from the stands
Supporting from the stands

Paige Woods, a senior, said, “We have come a long way from the beginning of season. We are improving every day, not only as a team, but also as individuals.

“The first three games were definitely a learning experience, but we used that to our advantage and are ready to take on Transy Tuesday.” She said this before their most recent home game March 15.

The team won their first home game today, and you could tell how exciting it was for them. I was honored to be one of the fans watching them get this win and go down in Hanover history.

I am excited to see this team grow and win more games.

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