Getting out of town in college

A view of Nick's
A view of Nick’s

I love the fact that I go to a small school. There are many reasons why I did not choose a big school; one of them is because I wanted my classmates and my professors to know me. If you want to know my other reasons, check out this earlier post about it.

However, it can be nice to get out of the small town and head into the big leagues. While I was abroad in Australia, I met some great girls who went to IU and last weekend I went to visit them. We had such a great time.

They took me to a pub called Nick’s, and we had some amazing food. If you ever go try the fries. I would go back just for them. The pub had great atmosphere, and we sat at a table and watched the Indiana University basketball game.

Between catching up with my friends, vibing off the rest of the pub’s energy, and being in the IU atmosphere, it was a fantastic day.

The end of the game
The end of the game

IU unfortunately lost. They fought valiantly and barely lost in the last couple of seconds. I like IU better during basketball season than football season, but I think that is just my personal preference.

Afterwards we went to Kilroy’s on Kirkwood for a small amount of time. Kilroy’s was fun but since the game was over, it was a kinda empty.

Just being on IU’s campus during events like that is a great change in scenery. I would never want to go to IU full time because I love Hanover way too much. I understand why people like to go to IU, though.

However to me, the benefits of Hanover outweighs the thrill and excitement of the IU lifestyle. I love our small college, but its nice to get out of our environment from time to time and into a more realistic big world.

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