Hiking at Hanover

One of Hanover’s main selling point is all of its AWESOME hiking trails. I am not a outdoor person; I am definitely more of a city girl. However, I cannot get enough of our hiking trails.

A selfie with a view
A selfie with a view

At the end of August Experience, your Peer Advisor takes you down the bottom of Hanover Beach, and you then take your first hike to The Point. This has been happening for generations at Hanover.

It isn’t a hard hiking trail, but it still can be tiring because it is all uphill. The hike is so worth it, however. Knowing that most Hanoverians have taken the same path that you are on is enlightening.

Over the course of your career here, I can almost guarantee you will go on multiple hikes. We have so many awesome trails. You can go past where you start with the hike to The Point and end up at the Ohio River and find the barge wreck and the rope swing.

Or you can take a harder hike to the Buddha’s Belly. This path is right off Scenic Drive, and you have to climb up river and over rocks. Its a difficult hike, but the end is so worth it.

You end up at a rounded cliff that has a waterfall in it. You can also climb up onto this cliff and see all of the forest surrounding the college.

What is a hike without a selfie
What is a hike without a selfie

A group of friends and I decided to go on a hike to the river this past Thursday. It didn’t matter that there was a foot of snow on the ground, we just wanted to get away from schoolwork and get moving.

It was cold at first, but honestly, getting out and moving and having fun with friends counteracted the cold and made it a great time.

Hikes like these are some of the best experiences you will have at Hanover, and I look forward to many more in my remaining year here.

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