Dance Marathon 2015

My awesome Dance Marathon team!
My awesome Dance Marathon team!

I have mentioned before some of the awesome philanthropy opportunities that Hanover’s campus provides for students. This past weekend, we had yet another that was definitely one for the books.

Saturday was the very first Dance Marathon on Hanover College’s campus. If you haven’t heard of Dance Marathon, it benefits the Children’s Miracle Network, specifically Riley Hospital here in Indiana. How awesome is that?

At Dance Marathon, everyone stays on there feet the entire time. We also learn a line dance that is lots of fun. But, it’s not just about dancing. There are also other activities, as well as the opportunity to meet and hear the stories of those helped by funds from Dance Marathon and Riley Children’s Hospital.

The stories were very inspirational. It was even more so because I found out that there are many people here on the campus that are/were Riley Children or that had family members who were. So how exactly is this raising awareness or funds?

Every dancer pays a fee of $15, and we try to raise money on our own. Many people create teams and work together to raise money, but you don’t have to.

Some of my softball teammates formed a team, and it was a blast. Hanging out together was just fun, but we also raised more than $900! I was so proud of my teammates for all the hard work they put in.

At Hanover’s Dance Marathon, we had to stay on our feet for eight hours. The reason we do so is because we are dancing for kids who can’t. The overall day is extremely tiring, but 100 percent worth it.

Dance Marathons happen all over the country, but Indiana has the strongest amount of participation. It sure makes me proud to be a Hoosier.

Every Dance Marathon is unique in it’s own way, and some even last up to 24 hours. My goal is to be involved in more Dance Marathons in the future. I would definitely recommend it, as it is a very life changing experience in the most positive of ways. If you want more information, be sure to check out their website!



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