Softball’s Winter Break in Florida

Me at team dinner at Universal Studios while in Florida
Me at team dinner at Universal Studios while in Florida

Last week seemed to fly by, in part, because we had another winter storm hit Hanover College; campus even closed Thursday. It’s pretty crazy to think that that storm had even happened, because today and the rest of this week are supposed to be unseasonably warm.

Wednesday, the high should be around 65 degrees! We also are scheduled to have our first home softball game that day, so I am really looking forward to the nice weather.

After being in Florida for a week during Winter Break, a snow storm took a little bit of adjusting. I hope the adjustment stays towards the warmer side.

While in Florida, our team had five wins and three losses. Our losses were generally pretty close games, so it was awesome to get some great games in. The weather was beautiful too.

But it wasn’t all perfect, however. In fact, it was actually one of the most interesting trips to Florida I have ever had. On the way there, we drove into an ice storm. Even though we left two hours earlier than planned, we still ran into it.

It was a scary trip for a good couple of hours, then we decided to stop to sleep at a hotel because the roads were worse than planned. We stopped in Tennessee and we slept at the hotel for about five hours until the roads were a little bit better.

The plus side to staying in a hotel was being able to get a little bit of sleep in a real bed, and we were able to eat a nice breakfast. But afterwards, it was back on the road.

Ultimately, our trip to Florida took 26 hours — a lot more time than it should have. But, at least we made it there safe.

We missed our practice time at the softball complex because of the weather. So we weren’t really sure how the first game would go, but overall we were pretty happy with the outcome. Then the plague hit.

It started Sunday night with another softball player and I getting very sick in what we thought was possibly food poisoning. But as the week went on, progressively one player after another came down with the flu.

Ultimately, it resulted in us having to cancel the last day of games because we had so many players sick. When we got back to campus, we had players consistently getting sick. But thinking about it all positively, just imagine how well we could have done if everyone had been healthy.

It was a great time overall, and I wouldn’t change it for anything, just maybe without the flu. But, I guess you could say that it kept the week interesting and had us all on our feet. Be sure to check out details about our future games!



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