How to get motivated and beat procrastination

Finally found some motivation
Finally found some motivation


What is it: “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.”
Where can it be found: not typically with college students.
Who has it: definitely not me.

The three above statements pretty much describe my life right now. I lack some serious motivation. In fact, I am even struggling to find the motivation to write this right now.

Not that I don’t love all my readers and my job (because I really and truly do), but sometimes life just gets in the way of school and work and everything else, and all you want to do is snuggle up with fattening food and Netflix (you feel me?)

My roommate says that you never truly get rid of the awful senioritis that many are diagnosed with in their senior year of high school. This senioritis comes with many symptoms, including procrastination, not caring and a preference for sleep over work.

If any of these symptoms describe how you are feeling, and you think you might have senioritis, please keep reading.

How do you get rid of this disease? Well, I honestly don’t think you can, fully. However, there are many tricks and tactics that can help make you feel motivated enough so that you can finish your work before turning back to Netflix. Below is a list of tricks that I have found successful while living with my serious lack of motivation:

1. Start early
I know exactly what you are thinking when you read this (“Yea right!”), but I am completely serious. If you get an assignment, even if it isn’t due for another month, try and begin it as soon as you can.

This way, you can work on little chunks of it at different times and won’t be overwhelmed by having to finish something as big as your senior thesis in one day.By starting early, you are also likely to finish early, which will take off a lot of your last-minute stress in the long run.

2. Tell yourself you will only work on it for five minutes
I would be lying if I said that the only reason I got out of bed for my 9 a.m. geology class wasn’t because I told myself I could take a nap at 10 a.m. This tip is a bit of a trick for your brain. I may not end up taking a nap after geology, but just the thought of it maybe happening is enough to get me out of bed and get me working.

Telling yourself you will only work on a paper for five minutes has the same impact because you will probably get on a roll after five minutes and want to keep at it until you are finished.

3. Set goals
Setting small goals for yourself can help you feel accomplished and make you want to keep working. One of the ways I set goals is by making a to-do list daily. I will grab a piece of paper or a Post-it note and write down everything that I need to finish for that day.

I also tend to throw in some silly, easy things I need to do among the class papers and tests I need to study for so that I can feel better just by crossing a few things off of a monster list.

4. Reward yourself
Find something small that makes you happy, and reward yourself every time you finish one of the goals you have set. The reward I typically go with is phone time. If I am writing a paper or doing an assignment, I try to put my phone where it can’t distract me.

However, since I am pretty attached to my cell phone, I use it as a reward after every page of a paper that I finish. Finished page five of my paper? Guess who gets to be on their phone for the next five minutes before heading back to work? ( Answer: ME! :) )

5. Take breaks
It’s also very important to take little breaks when working on homework and projects. If you get frustrated because you have writer’s block, just step away for a few minutes and talk to one of your friends. You might find that when you return to your computer the words will flow much easier than if you had chosen to stay and beat yourself up about not knowing what to write for your paper.

These are just a few of the tips that can help cure students with motivation-less diseases. For more tips, click here. From personal experience, I can tell you that these tricks really and truly work.

In fact, writing this post started off being really difficult, but I told myself I would only work on it for five minutes ,and I’ve already finished it (with a few phone breaks in between, of course.)


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