College isn’t all about partying

When thinking about going to college, most people think about all the fun you have going out and about on campus. That part of Hanover life is great, don’t get me wrong, but some of my favorite memories so far are staying in on party nights and just hanging out with my friends.

Monster University on our projector
“Monsters University” on our projector

I think college gets a stereotyped idea of what you should be doing while attending it. The common idea is that college is a place where you do minimal learning and heaps of partying; this is what the media has stereotyped it as.

Yes, college is a time where you probably will party a lot and make great memories that way. However, I want to say that partying is NOT the only way to make memories at college.

Talking to Hanover alums, they have told me some of their favorite memories are what happened on Polar Pop runs, watching movies with one person and it eventually turning into 25 people or taking unexpected study break hikes.

Phi Mu had their Founders’ Day ceremony last week. Since it was the first week back after midterms, the work load was a little light. We decided to have a sisterhood night in the living room to continue the great mood of the day.

We completely rearranged our living room into our own personal home theatre and put in “Monsters University” (which, BTW, is a GREAT movie; watch it if you haven’t already).

All of us cuddling in the living room during the movie
All of us cuddling in the living room during the movie

We started to get situated with our blankets and all of us basically crammed together on chairs and couches. Then Barb (our house mom) came out of her room with three bags of popcorn.

She heard us setting up a movie and thought we could use snacks to go with it. It is small gestures like this that remind me how much I really love our sisterhood and everyone who contributes to it.

Small, great memories like these, are going to be what I remember most about my time here at Hanover.

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