Snow days

Yay! Snow Day!
Yay! Snow Day!

It has been a crazy (but GREAT) couple of weeks here at Hanover College. I used to not like winter what with all of the cold weather and illnesses going around, but with snow days factored in, winter might just be my new favorite season.

Our lovely snow days started during the last performance of Hanover College Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost.” It was a Sunday night, and the cast and crew were getting ready for the final scene when all of the sudden our phones started going off.

We were expecting a lot of snow, and our text messages all said that the campus would be closed for the next day. So, how did we celebrate? By making a trip to Taco Bell before the snow started falling (after finishing the show, of course).

It just so happened that we got so much snow that it was cold enough to cancel classes Tuesday as well. However, I no longer needed to check my phone to see if school would be closed because I could tell just by the screaming heard throughout Donner Hall.

I spent my snow days as any normal college student would: staying up all night, not waking up until 2 p.m. the next day, finally venturing out of my room for dinner, and ending the night by having a snowball fight and going sledding with friends.

Oh, and just a public service announcement: box lids make great sleds but not in half a foot of snow.

When Wednesday rolled around, my friends and I were all hoping for a few more snow days because the weather forecast said it would be -4 degrees, without the wind chill. However, because it was the week before Winter Break, and everyone had midterms scheduled, class was in session despite the cold weather for the remainder of the week.

I was excited to go home for a week during Winter Break, but I had to stay on campus until Saturday because more bad weather hit. However, I made it home safely and had a great break with my friends and family at home.

If you ever decide it would be a good idea to stay on campus during any breaks, please know that campus dining will be closed, and you will be responsible for your own meals.

When Winter Break came to an end, I assumed that the week would drag on because it would be the first, full, five-day week of classes that I had had in a while. However, winter weather was on my side once more because school was cancelled again.

This snow day came just in time because I was supposed to have a huge lab practical in my physical geology lab. Needless to say, this time, I was the one yelling in the dorm when the text came in.

Snow days on campus are the best. You get to catch up on homework, sleep, Netflix and even spend some quality time with your friends. These days really do make for a nice break for any stressed  college student, especially one who was supposed to have a huge lab practical today!


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