Welcoming Winter Break

It just became winter break here at Hanover, and I cannot lie and say it wasn’t needed, because it was. Always around week seven-eight, the stress and workload becomes very high. I know that this past week, I had three tests, a paper and more than 100 pages of reading to do for my classes.

How I felt at the end of the week.
How I felt at the end of the week.

At first, I loved having the two snow days at the beginning of the week. I thought that it was going to give me so much time to prepare and study for everything I had due. However, all the break gave me was procrastination fever. Knowing that I had another full day on Tuesday to study, caused me to do practically nothing Monday.

After some late nights, endless cups of coffee, multiple polar pop runs and lots of study popcorn (my favorite snack while I am studying), I made it through my midterm week and started my journey to Wabash College.

I had a great weekend hanging out with my boyfriend, my Big (Paige) and some friends up there this past weekend. Finally, Sunday night, I made it home to Indianapolis to spend the week doing absolutely nothing.

A weekend at Wabash was heaps of fun.
A weekend at Wabash was heaps of fun.

All I have planned for the week is to watch “Criminal Minds” endlessly, catch up on some much needed sleep, cuddle with my dogs and read some books.

This is honestly the highlight of my break: reading books for pleasure. I have had about three or four books on my list that I have been dying to read, but have just been to consumed in school to get to them.

I genuinely like most of the reading assigned for my classes, but sometimes I just feel like reading books solely for pleasure.

It will be a great week to unwind, refresh and get ready to finish out the semester strong.

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