Tech Week for Love’s Labour’s Lost

Come see the show this Thursday through Sunday in The Other Place!
Come see the show this Thursday through Sunday in The Other Place!

This week is an infamous week to all theater kids here at Hanover College. It’s called Tech Week. You may have heard me talk about what this week means before, but I will go ahead and repeat myself since the experience is different with every show.

Tech Week is a week-long event full of rehearsals. Literally, FULL of them. We start on the Sunday before our show opens. This time, we are performing Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” a romantic comedy told in five acts.

We began our Tech Week yesterday, Feb. 8. While I usually prefer to be on stage acting for shows, this is the second show where I have been designated as one of the Assistant Stage Managers (or ASMs) for.

The first show I was an ASM for was called “Forte,” a senior thesis show. Since it was a senior thesis project (which is basically a huge project that seniors do in the duration of their senior year in order to graduate), I didn’t have the opportunity to be involved in it very much. However, this time around is entirely different.

Shakespeare shows tend to be much more involved than a typical show. Not only is there more content which creates a longer show, but the use of language can sometimes be difficult for many actors.

The actors have to memorize their lines but also understand and apply them to their motions. They also have to develop a sense of rhythm so they can feel the dynamic of the lines. From an audience member’s perspective, it seems like acting might be an easy job. But, I can definitely say from personal experience it is difficult.

After being an ASM for this show, I can also say that working behind the scenes can be very time consuming. Being a part of the crew is more than just attending every rehearsal. We have to manage the rehearsals along with keeping track of all the props, lines and even the actors.

Yesterday was both the beginning of Tech Week and the end of all free time for a student involved in theater’s schedule. However, if there is anything I have learned throughout my time with Hanover College Theatre, it’s that while we may all complain about the time commitment and the work we put in, we all truly love theater.

I fell in love with the stage in high school. Now that I am at Hanover, I am still in love with the stage, but I am more in love with the people. Being a part of theater here has introduced me to so many amazing people who I am proud to call my closest friends.

So, while I may complain a lot throughout this week about how early I have to be at rehearsals (and how late I have to stay) and how much stuff I have to do on top of my theatrical commitment, I  know that by the end of the week, I will be closer to the cast and crew than I could have ever imagined and ready for a good night’s rest.

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