Having a student job at college

There I am shredding paper at my job at the business office :)
There I am shredding paper at my job at the business office :)

Now that it’s February, it’s just a few short weeks until Winter Break. For softball spring training, we go to Clermont, Fla., to play lots of softball and enjoy the warm weather. But, what is everyone else going to do?

Most people go home and enjoy the company of their family and save the traveling until Spring Break. But either way, I have always found this time of year to be somewhat awkward.

I always have a hard time figuring out how to save enough money to actually pay for a trip, or even just to not be broke. I say it’s awkward, because it’s enough after Christmas that you have probably spent a large amount of your money on books, but also not enough time to have made any money either.

One way that I am able to make money here on campus is by having an on-campus job. I actually have a few, but they are great because they aren’t very time consuming most of the time.

Those that do take up more time, they can often be worked around for your class and homework schedule. We get paid once a month, and there are tons of options as far as the types of jobs that are offered on campus.

The biggest tip to ensuring that you can get one of those jobs is to make sure you apply early. Personally, I believe that on-campus jobs are the best option for the reason that you are not out any gas by not having to drive to work. It’s much more convenient to be able to walk to your job.

The only downfall I would say is that sometimes you may not be able to get as many hours as you might somewhere else. As a busy student, though, sometimes that’s good. It’s really about figuring out what is best for you.

However, sometimes, determining what’s best is hard to do. This is my first year as a student worker, and I have to say that at first I found it to be kind of a struggle to hold a job and juggle classes. This was mostly because I am also an athlete and involved in a few clubs.

Now with almost three years under my belt, I feel like I have it all a bit more under control. That doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t get overwhelmed, because that is bound to happen — it happens to everyone. But, I now have a better idea of what to expect as far as my schedule and classes go.

Having a job while in college is not necessarily for everyone, but it is nice to know that at Hanover College there are options. I found this article that tells some awesome ways to help save some money while in college. Some of them are probably obvious, but some I didn’t even think of. Be sure to check it out!


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