Big Little Week

This is how I decorated the outside of Celia's room almost every night
This is how I decorated the outside of Celia’s room almost every night

It’s Big-Little Week for the Phi Mus this week, and it is beautiful mayhem. It’s a week high in stress and emotion, and a defining week in your Phi Mu experience.

First, let me explain what a Big and Little are. It is similar to a big sister/little sister or similar to a mentor. A Little gets a Big and forms a individual bond with that sister.

They become someone to help guide the Little through Phi Mu, as well as in their life after Hanover. You create a friendship, a bond, that is perfect in its own way.

My Big (Paige Woods, a senior) and my Little (Celia Menke, a sophomore) have grown to be two of my best friends here at Hanover. I can wholeheartedly say that my Hanover experience would have been 100 percent different if I did not have this connection with them.

When Celia found out I was her Big.
When Celia found out I was her Big.

They have helped me grow into the best person that I can be. I like to believe that I have this affect on them as well.

It is also a great experience when alumni come back to campus and you meet someone in your Big-Little family way up the heritage line. I have met my Bigx6 a couple times before, and I felt like I had known her forever. Because we have this special bond already within our family, I was able to instantly connect with someone that I had never met.

This week, I gained my Little-Little as my Little gained her Little (a tongue twister, I know). All week long, Celia has been showering her with gifts.

Anything from t-shirts, pink objects, funny things, serious things and anything Phi Mu related. There are new objects that were bought specifically for her, and there are objects that have been passed down for generations.

This is my own perfectly dysfunctional family.
This is my own perfectly dysfunctional family.

One of them is this particularly creepy Phi Mu Panda that has been in our family for upwards of seven years.

The house is a crazy-beautiful sight this week. There are tubs stacked half way up the walls all the way down the hallway. There are girls crumbling around, trying to craft canvases and make lettered shirts.

It is because of this madness that makes this experience of Big-Little Week so perfect. Welcome to the Bug Family, Hannah. Get ready for the ride of your life.

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