40 years of love

She is going to be mad I put her on here… Oh well.
She is going to be mad I put her on here… Oh well.

I went home a few weekends ago to help my parents throw a 40th anniversary dinner for my grandparents. Its crazy and wonderful to think of two people being together for that long.

I believe marriage can be taken very lightly in today’s world, given how easy and common it is to get a divorce. So, when I see someone who has been together for 40 years, I just admire them so much.

I remember watching my grandparents while I was growing up. As I think back on the things, I realized how much they really love each other and how many little things they do for each other.

It makes me realize it is the little things that can make the biggest impression. It could be my grandma letting my grandpa have extra helpings at dinner, even though we all know he should have stopped after the second plate, or my grandpa having a glass of iced tea ready for my grandma when she finishes mowing the lawn.

All of us at the dinner table
All of us at the dinner table

Love really does persists through the smallest gestures. I never saw my grandparents give heaps of affection towards each other in public while I was younger, but I realize now that you don’t need heaps of PDA to solidify your love.

Love is in my grandma telling my grandpa not the have his third helping of lasagna but letting him have it when we not so sneakily give him a third helping.

Love is my grandpa trying to help my grandma put on her coat as dinner is done, and they are getting ready to go back home.

My mom, dad and I went to Olive Garden to get salad and bread sticks for their dinner, and my mom made lasagna to go along with it. We had a lovely family dinner with them in honor of their great 40 years.

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