Hanover College’s Winter Involvement Fair

student broadcasting
Here is the poster that I made for the Student Broadcasting Association and our booth.

I have mentioned before that we have several clubs here on Hanover’s campus, but how do you find out about them? How do you join? One way is to go to one of the activity fairs we offer. We offer one at the start of the fall semester in August, and this week we had the winter involvement fair.

At these fairs, there are several tables or booths set up with all kinds of opportunities for students to get involved. They give students the chance to browse around and see all that the various organizations have to offer.

But even more than that, the students can talk with the members who are running the booths to ask questions and just get to know about it all.

The great thing about having more than activity fair is because sometimes your interests change. Also, throughout the year, more and more student clubs and organizations get added, and it just brings more chances to be involved.

The Student Broadcasting Association is also always looking for new members, as are all clubs. Because we film many different shows throughout the year, we always need people to help out.

Whether it’s operating a camera or running the teleprompter, everyone’s help is always appreciated. It is also a great way to get familiar with equipment, and to get hands on experience. You don’t have to be a communication major to join — any major is welcome. Having a lot of people involved with different backgrounds really helps, out and I believe it brings a lot of creativity to our show, “Breaking Out of the Bubble.”

SBA recently finished an episode just in time for Valentines Day. The theme revolved around the holiday and was tons of fun. Not everything was about Valentine’s Day. though. The segment that I host is called “Student Spotlight.”

In this segment, I interview students right here on campus about the things they are involved in. I have interviewed a wide range of people including presidents from new and upcoming student organizations, students and their experiences studying abroad, and lots more.

My career goal is to one day be a television anchor, and being able to practice these skills on camera is a great experience for me. Every situation is different, so it is also a way for me to make it all as realistic as possible. I can even use this material to send to potential employees in the future when I am applying for jobs. But aside from that, I just really enjoy doing it.

After the winter fair was over, I did get some new members for the Student Broadcasting Association (YAY!). But I was also able to just let others know about some of the things we can and have accomplished so far. Be sure to check out the hard work for yourself by clicking the link to watch our new episode of “Breaking of the Bubble.”

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