With college comes stress

Some of my best friends and Sigs including Dr. Bill Bettler.
Some of my best friends and Sigs including Dr. Bill Bettler.

A lot of the time when you read posts on college blogs, it kind of seems like everything is great in the lives of the students. Some talk about tests and study tips or how to manage your time, but even these talk about the good parts of college.

The life of a student isn’t always the best it could be, however. Sometimes, the stress gets to you, and for one reason or another, you find yourself at a low point either academically, physically or just plain emotionally. It isn’t always a breeze, even for the brightest of students.

This is not all that surprising. Life doesn’t stop once you get to school, and just like in the outside world, low points come and go. Fortunately, the people who run these institutions realize this and have put in place a lot of resources for students who aren’t having the best semester.

One of the best examples at Hanover is our great Counseling Services department. Available for one-on-one meetings every day, they provide a great outlet if the stress of classes or just life in general get to be too much.

The best thing (besides the people, of course) is that all the services are free of charge to full-time students. On top of this, they hold various workshops and seminars throughout the semester to get to know students and give them an outlet, especially during the more stressful times of the year like midterms or finals week.

Another option for students to relieve stress is the third floor of the library. The first and second floors are great for group projects and study sessions, but the third floor is a sanctuary for those who want a little peace and quiet.

With couches, bean bags and individual desks, it’s a great place to decompress, even if it’s just to listen to a little music. If this is still not doing it for you, the study carrels are small and have doors so you can lock yourself away for those times you just need to let go of stress and energize yourself.

One of the best resources Hanover offers is the faculty-student relationship. More so than Counseling Services or locking myself away in the library, my relationships with my professors have helped me the most through my tough times.

Every professor has office hours where they’re willing to talk about anything, and many of them give out personal phone numbers or email addresses. While some are a little harder to talk to for some people, most are completely open to all students and want the best for them.

I’ve even had dinner at some of my professors’ houses just because I complained about not wanting to eat the Campus Center food that night.

In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is that college isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Some days will be cloudier than others, and some days will feel like a thunderstorm, but Hanover has gone above and beyond to give students the opportunity to get the help they need.

And, of course, there’s always your friends to help lift your spirits.


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