Hanover Honors Lauren Hill basketball game

Hanover honors Hill
Some photos of Lauren Hill

One of the many things I love about Hanover College is our large amount of team spirit, aka Panther Pride. But last week, we went even further by showing pride and encouragement to another team, specifically to another player and her family.

Lauren Hill has become a household name to many people, as the story of her personal battle with brain cancer has swept the nation. As a freshman in college and a member of Mount St. Joseph University women’s basketball team, she was diagnosed as terminally ill, but still continues to stay positive and strong for her team and for others.

So why is this relevant to us here on campus? Mount St. Joe and Hanover College are both in the same athletic conference, the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. Hanover dedicated this year’s game against Mount St. Joe to both Lauren and her family.

At the door, we asked for donations to support The Cure Starts Now Foundation, which has featured Lauren. As a whole, the foundation works to raise money for research in order to help treatment and cure for pediatric brain cancers.

Within the foundation, The Lauren Hill Tribute Fund raises money for research specifically regarding the rare form of brain cancer that Lauren has, called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG. So far, Lauren has raised more than $1.3 million. You can learn more or make a donation on the fund’s website.

As far as the game went, our Panthers played very well, and came out on top with a win. The game was tons of fun to watch. It was an awesome team effort as well, with the scoring coming from almost everyone on the team.

This puts the women’s basketball team with a record now of 12 wins and six losses total, and within the conference their record is eight wins and three losses. So, way to go ladies!

In total, we raised $1,900 for the foundation. How awesome is that? Everyone wore gray, the color for brain cancer awareness. The first 100 students to the game also got free gray t-shirts with Lauren’s number, 22, on them.

Teams from all the local high schools were invited to come watch as we honored Lauren (who unfortunately couldn’t be there) and for the game as well. The house was packed, and it was a great way to see everyone come together for such a great cause.


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