Rushing and fraternities

Wiley Third Squad - Rushed
Wiley Third Squad – Rushed

So I rushed. It was certainly very exciting. I loved rushing. I am very happy I did. I won’t tell you which fraternity I joined because I want you to consider all the houses. I am not biased here.

However, I am writing to talk to you internationals about rushing and what it’s all about. Basically, rush is when you go Greek, meaning you joined a Greek house or a fraternity, or for girls, a sorority.

Greek life is nothing like what you see in the movies. It’s not like “Animal House,” and it’s not a stereotypical frat. A fraternity stands for and aims to achieve certain values. About 50 percent of Hanover’s campus is Greek.

I am still not a full brother, which means I am not fully enrolled yet in my since I have to go through an educational process. But, soon I will be.

I am allowed to wear the fraternity letters, which have a special significance. I won’t know the value behind the letters until I fully enroll as a brother.

Anyway, rushing was a very tough decision since Greek life may not be for everyone. I am happy I did. The whole process is definitely unique. I suggest to all of you who are interested in rushing, or don’t have an idea yet, if you’re invited to attend, I say go.

Go to all the events, go to all the houses and meet all the guys and girls. I am not fully aware how rushing works for women, for them it is entirely different and much more complicated.

But guys, if you are interested or, even if you aren’t, go to the events. You might have a misconception of what a fraternity is, and if you do go through rush, make sure you join the house that will make you the happiest and suits you best.

Pura Vida!

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