Keeping healthy at college

Here are some easy ways to get Vitamin C and still stay healthy
Here are some easy ways to get Vitamin C and still stay healthy

Lately here at Hanover, illness has seemed to run rampant. I think some of it is from bringing sicknesses from home and then getting everyone back together. But it also just seems to be that time of year.

For me, illness hasn’t plagued me yet (knock on wood), but my seasonal allergies and sinuses seem to be all over the place. The weather has been abnormally warm for January, like 50 degrees and higher, and my body doesn’t really know how to adjust.

To top it all off, this weekend I heard there is a possibility for snow. If the rapid changes aren’t typical of Indiana weather, then I don’t know what is.

It’s not just me with the sniffles. Many of my roommates and friends have been battling the average cold on and off, which means I have made sure to have plenty of vitamin C every day. I did find a pretty cool article that tells some great ways to keep healthy while at college, and some of them may surprise you.

One thing I try to do is to make sure I get enough sleep at night. Even when I am not sick, not having enough sleep is enough to make me feel sick. And believe me, it’s easy to not realize what little amount of sleep you may be getting.

I believe it is very common to hear about the all-nighters that people pull studying, and it might also seems like a great idea to nap for four hours, but then you struggle with sleeping at night. Getting on a regular sleeping schedule will definitely help your overall mood.

For Christmas, one of the presents I got was a Misfit activity tracking bracelet. It is very much like your average activity tracking bracelet, like the Fitbits that many people have. But one thing I did not realize until I got the tracker was how little sleep I was actually getting.

It tracks the hours of sleep you get, along with the amount of restful sleep you receive, which is generally just how many REM sleep cycles you go through. I even decided to keep track of the time I tried to sleep and compare it to the results of the bracelet.

Sure enough, it was pretty accurate. Now that I have kept a close eye on that, I have made a conscious effort to get more sleep, and it seems to be very beneficial. I overall feel much better, and when I don’t get that needed sleep, I can definitely tell.

Although always avoiding illness is impossible, there are ways to prevent it. Luckily, Health Services here at Hanover makes it very easy to get diagnosed if you think maybe you are battling something more than your average cold.

I know that I have been in there my fair share of times, and I am always so happy not to have to leave campus for something common like a sinus infection or strep throat. I am trying hard to avoid getting sick, and I hope I achieve that goal. I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime, I am going to continue to take my daily vitamins and hope for the best!

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