How I ended up at Hanover College

This is the spot where I knew exactly where I wanted to attend school.
This is the spot where I knew exactly where I wanted to attend school.

We are nearing the end of January, and at Hanover that means it is near the time for all the high school seniors to start their college selection process. If this describes you, and you are trying to decide if Hanover College is a right for you, keep reading:

About a year ago, I was in the same boat as you. I started applying for schools in August, and during my application process I somehow received a promotional card for Hanover in the mail. I had never heard of the college before in my life, but I did some research and eventually applied. along with six additional colleges.

Then, the mail started pouring in: welcome letters, free merchandise and even a rejection letter. So, I decided to narrow down my field and go on a few college visits.

Somehow, I was drawn to Hanover. Nothing in my life is that easy, however, and because of the many snow days that kept happening, my visits kept getting cancelled.

I was hopeful that this wasn’t a bad sign, and luckily, around February, I was finally able to take my first visit to good ‘ol Hanny. Because the visit was part of two scholarship interviews, I wasn’t able to get the feel of most of the campus.

After this visit, I was pretty sure the college was not right for me. But, I decided to make one more trip before I made my official decision. This time, as my tour guide walked me around campus, I can’t even describe what I felt.

There was one part of my tour when my guide took us right across the Horner Center on campus. I turned around and saw a bunch of benches with a little garden in the middle. I don’t know why, but somehow I could see myself walking past that exact spot each day; I felt like I was at home.

I know how you are feeling. You are probably overwhelmed with all the options that the colleges you applied to are throwing at you. It’s a lot to take in, trust me, I remember, but ever since seeing that one silly bench I haven’t looked back.

I began thinking that maybe Hanover was the right place for me. I believe I knew this ever since that specific moment, but I still went through with applying for a million scholarships at a million other schools.

At this point, you may have decided that Hanover is right for you, but you’re worried about your financial situation. I’ve been in that boat, too. But, please realize there are options. My parents never believed that I would find a way to be able to afford attending here, but somehow, after many calls to the financial aid office on campus, I was able to work out a plan.

Sure, I will have to pay off loans for a while after I graduate, but I still truly believe that deciding to go here was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

It’s a big decision, deciding which college you will attend for the next four years of your life. It’s scary, not knowing what to expect. You might decide that Hanover isn’t the right place for you, and that’s okay, it’s not for everyone.

However, if you have even the slightest belief that you might really like it here, I strongly encourage you to take a leap of faith. Right now in your high school careers, you are dangling off a cliff. I was in the same spot on that cliff, clawing desperately at any options that looked my way. But I took a leap of faith, and now I feel like I’m soaring high in the sky.

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