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Inside the Learning Center
Inside the Learning Center

After three years at Hanover College, I have realized the importance of the Learning Center (otherwise known as Hanover’s Gladish Center for Teaching and Learning).

What is the Learning Center? For those of you considering Hanover College as an option or for first-year students reading this, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the resources Hanover offers, such as the Learning Center.

The Learning Center is located in the library, where many student tutors offer extra help for classes. Whether it’s revising papers, looking over homework or holding study groups, the tutors are extremely helpful.

While I do enjoy many of my classes and professors, sometimes it is helpful to have a student or a peer explain something to you as well. This is the purpose of the Learning Center.

Most student tutors have already taken the classes where you may struggle. This is beneficial because they know exactly what the professor is looking for on a lab report or how you should study for tests in a certain class.

Many classes have a designated tutor, which means there is often a tutor specifically for your class or subject, tutoring and holding study sessions up to two nights a week.

I must admit that as a freshman, I didn’t use this resource at all. I was unaware of its purpose, and when I did realize we had these resources available, I still didn’t know if it would be helpful. During my sophomore year, I used it a few times, but this year I have realized the importance of the Learning Center.

If you are struggling in classes and aren’t quite sure about the Learning Center, take it from me, it will help you and make a difference in your grade.

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