Sorority formal recruitment

Bid Day 2015
Bid Day 2015

Go Greek! Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I can describe why I put it. The week before last was a sorority formal recruitment week at Hanover College. It’s a stressful, long and tiring week that girls put themselves through in order to join a sorority on campus.

This year, I was one of the girls who decided to participate. Before coming to Hanover, I was completely against the Greek Life. I assumed that sororities really were like what you can see depicted in the multiple movies and television shows made about them.

After coming here, I met many amazing women in each of the four sororities we have here at Hanover. They showed me that becoming a member or sister of their chapter would not be what I had imagined.

Instead, it is about the friendships formed. It is about becoming the best version of yourself. It is about so many things, and it truly is amazing.

Because of these women, I decided to rush for a sorority to see for myself what it would be like. We started with a short meeting about finding out who you are. It is important to not only know who you are as a person and what you stand for, but also to know what values are the most important to you.This way you can find a house that represents those values.

When the actual process began, all of the women interested in being recruited were able to attend a 30-minute party at each of the college’s four sororities. We talked to many members at each house. They got to learn about us and our values, and we got to learn about the sorority’s values.

The next night was business causal night. The potential new members were to dress up in business attire, and they visited anywhere from one to three sororities. This number was decided by which of the chapters were interested in possibly having them as a future member.

The next night was much fancier. We were to dress in semi-formal attire, and we attended either one or two of the chapters that were interested in inviting us back. We were able to see a little bit more of what it would be like to actually be members ourselves.

Bid Day or Run Day, was the most fun, but also the most tiring. The girls who had gone through the process met with their recruitment counselor to receive a bid from a sorority. A bid is pretty much a fancy invitation to become a sister of the chapter.

Once you receive your bid, you have about 20 minutes to get dressed in the colors of your sorority and meet in the Withrow Activity Center on campus. Women in the sorority you want to join will greet you with screams.

Next, is The Run. Fraternity members and friends of members will line the streets as you run with your fellow sisters to your new home. It sounds cheesy, but running home really is a fun and exciting experience.

After all the stresses of this week, I am proud to call Alpha Delta Pi my new home. It really was an exciting process, and I would suggest that everyone go through with it. Even if you decide not to join a house, you will meet so many new people from so many different houses, and these people can become friends to last forever.


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