Surviving an all-day homework binge

Working on my inorganic chemistry homework
Working on my inorganic chemistry homework

It’s currently about to start week three here at Hanover, and everyone is really getting into the swing of classes. Since there was sorority rush the first week back, and this past weekend, the boys rushed, I may have neglected some of my homework…

I looked ahead in my Lilly planner and saw that during week four I have two tests, a quiz, a paper and a presentation. It’s almost as if all my teachers got together and discussed how many things they could assign for that week.

To help me get ready, I made today my homework binge day. It can be pretty difficult to study all day long, though. But, I believe that I have developed a decently good routine to help me study for 8-plus hours at one time.

  • Reviewing my notes for my test next Tuesday
    Reviewing my notes for my test next Tuesday

    Go somewhere where you can focus. I usually like to study in a louder environment if I have plenty of time to kill and don’t have heaps of work. But, when I have little time and lots of work, I need to go to somewhere where there are minimal distractions.

  • Go somewhere where you will be OK to sit all day long. My favorite place is in this comfy chair in the Phi Mu living room. I can sit in this chair all day, and if I need a small distraction there is always a sister running around offering to distract me. 
  • Bring snacks and drinks. I always bring lots of small snacks with me. I’ve learned that I can never focus well on anything if my stomach is growling. My favorite things to have with me are hot tea and popcorn.
  • Heaps of small study breaks. For every 45 minutes I study, I take a 15 minute study break. This gives my wandering mind the freedom it needs not to focus and reboot.
  • Having some dedicated sisters studying next to me it always motivating.
    Having some dedicated sisters studying next to me is always motivating.

    Have a plan. Write down what you need to have accomplished in the order of when you need them done. I like to have something difficult, then go to something a little less easier, then back to something challenging. This way, I can focus intensely and then be a little more relaxed.

  • Reward yourself when you finish something. Have some candy, go on social media, watch a short episode of something. Make sure your reward is something you really want so that you are motivated to keep going and get through it .

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