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A glimpse of the cardio equipment offered at the Horner Center for KIP majors to utilize during the training of their clients.
A glimpse of the cardio equipment offered at the Horner Center for KIP majors to use while training their clients.

At Hanover, you are required to declare your major by the second semester of your sophomore year. I am a kinesiology and integrative physiology (KIP) major while also participating in the Business Scholars program.

The KIP program here has several attractive features that are not found in other undergraduate programs of its kind. These features will set KIP graduates apart from other students with similar degrees, and I hope that they will help me land a job shortly after graduation.

One of the amazing things about the KIP program is the anatomy course. Unlike most undergraduate programs, the lab for this class is hands on. Oh, did I mention it’s a cadaver lab?

That’s right. In this class, I was able to get hands-on experience using a scalpel on a cadaver and see skin, fat, muscles and organs right in front of me. This is unique to Hanover. In other undergrad anatomy classes the students typically sit in a lecture hall while a graduate student does the dissection.

The physiology class here also has a something that sets it apart — a human simulator lab. The human simulator is similar to the kind that nurses use for learning. It can be programed to simulate different signs and symptoms, and physiology students are required to diagnose the simulator at the end of the class.

The simulator can be programmed to vomit, bleed, have different breathing sounds and heart rates. This simulator is one of a few found in undergrad programs.

Hanover also has a wellness program run by one of the KIP professors. This program is free to staff and students, and provides them with a personal trainer who meets with them multiple times each week. The trainer designs a workout program based on the person’s individual needs.

What does this really have to with being a KIP major? Well, all of the personal trainers are actually students who are in one or two of the classes for a KIP major. The first class is Exercise Testing and Prescription, and the second is Advanced Concepts of Personal Training. This hands-on-experience with designing programs and working with clients is also unique to Hanover and helps to set KIP majors apart.

Having been in both the anatomy and the exercise testing class, I can vouch for how these experiences really make a difference in your education. I have friends I graduated from high school with who are students pursuing similar majors at other schools, and when I tell them about all the things I have done in my classes they look at me like I have two heads.

The KIP program at Hanover truly is setting me up for success after I graduate. To explore other classes that KIP students have to take or see what other majors are offered at Hanover click here.

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