Being a political science major

High School We the People Competition
My high school We the People Competition.

Ever since junior high school, I have wanted to be some type of attorney. The question that I struggled with was what type of attorney do I want to be?

As a member of the mock trial team at my high school, our primary focus revolved around criminal and civil law. Then, when senior year came around, I decided to join the We the People team, which is the high school version of moot court in competition form.

After that experience, I wanted to focus more on constitutional law until I found out that there are only a few of those attorneys in the entire country. It was not until college that I finally decided what type of law I wanted to pursue.

Being in the Business Scholars Program has helped me focus on the litigation aspect of business law. After taking Professor Riddick’s class in E-Commerce Management this past fall, I decided to focus my attention on intellectual property law.

To achieve my goal or attending law school after Hanover, I had to decide what my major would be. I chose political science because of the legal classes they offered, as well as the classes that merited debate and discussion.

In the major, I live and breathe politics on a daily basis. I usually start my day off by reading the cheat sheet on my Daily Beast app. The cheat sheet gives me a summary of ten current events, as well as a brief synopsis of those events.

Recently, due to a requirement in my political theory class, I have also started reading the opinion section of the New York Times.

To keep up with current events, one of my roommates, who is a philosophy minor, and I watch Fox News on a daily basis, and we have debates based on what we just watched.

In the classroom, I have already taken Democracy, U.S. Legislative Process, Public Policy, Constitutional Law, International Law and Organizations, History of Political Thought, and Research Methods, so my background is quite versatile.

These classes really make me push myself to the limit because political science course make me think on my toes rather than studying a specimen, as you would in natural science courses. These classes also give me the ability to practice and improve on my public speaking skills, which now have become one of my biggest strengths.

For the future, I hope that my political science major and studies transcend to law school in the upcoming years, and into my future endeavors as well. But I have full faith in the education that Hanover College has given me.

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