Winter’s coming, brace yourselves!

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The campus is beautiful in fall.

For those who have read some of my previous posts you are well aware that I come from a tiny, cozy and warm country. Our annual mean temperature is 76°F.

Lately, in Hanover, we have been experiencing cold, and by cold I mean freezing cold temperatures. Once again, I want to address all of you who don’t live close to Hanover or haven’t lived through winter. Prepare, it is going to get cold, aka you’ll feel like you’re going to die.

After an extensive humid and warm summer, fall kicked in. It certainly was cold compared to what summer had been, but my god was it a beautiful season, campus truly looks amazing during the fall. You don’t take my word for it, we’re known for our beautiful fall foliage.

My dorm is awesome, I love it. My hall mates are pretty cool and friendly, and my R.A. (resident assistant) is the best R.A. on campus. Wiley Third is pretty neat, I can’t complain about anything except for one tiny thing; the heating system is not fantastic (it’s pretty bad).

My room gets really cold, it usually doesn’t warm up and I am forced to layer up in my own room. I’ve seen online some heaters that can be used to warm small rooms, I’ll try those out and let you know how good or bad they are.

It can stink sometimes. In fact, I got sick not so long ago, and missed a few classes. Professors are fairly understanding, especially with me since I have never found myself forced to live in such climates.

I will let you know how winter progresses and how Hanover College evolves. I am sure winter term is going to be very different from fall term.

Pura Vida!

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