Second semester survival tips

Starting the process of filling out my January schedule.
Starting the process of filling out my January schedule.

The first week of classes is in the book! That means we have received our multiple syllabi, and we are ready to get the ball rolling on another semester.

For myself, and I’m sure most others, second semester is both good and bad. It’s cold here in the winter, and sometimes getting up in the morning is a bit difficult. Especially if you have an 8am class, like I do, and it is still dark when I go to breakfast in the morning.

The second semester isn’t all bad, though. I look forward to seeing my friends again after Christmas Break and having a little bit of cash from the holidays to be able to venture out past campus on occasion.

Softball season officially starts second semester, which means time management is more important than ever. More than anything, my second semester flies by because I am so busy.

So after my first day of classes, known as syllabus day by students, I looked through my upcoming assignments, expectations, etc. to figure out a kind of to-do list for this semester.

I decided to share some of those things with you because every college student makes mistakes when it comes to classes, and advice can help it be a little less messy.

One of the biggest things on my to-do list is to stay organized and on top of my assignments early. Even if that means doing small parts of the assignment days ahead of time in order to not go crazy.

I kind of figured out this trick earlier this year, and it helped me to have a life and to not get so overwhelmed when the workload seems to be high for all my classes at once.

Along with this, I looked at my softball schedule and compared my assignments to game days and practice times. This will help me to stay focused and to know where I am at as far as what lies ahead of me.

As a communication major, it is very common to do large amounts of group work. It can get very tricky to schedule times to work together because a large majority of our campus are athletes. Knowing my schedule ahead of time should be a huge help when trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules accordingly.

I also have learned in the mist of all the stress that accompanies college life that sometimes, you  need a break. Take a nap or watch a movie, just don’t do it too much. When you feel like your brain is fried it is probably time to take a break.

Reading when you are extremely tired is usually not very beneficial. I have found that out the hard way that I either don’t retain the information well, fall asleep while I’m reading or I take twice as long to read and understand the material because I am too busy trying to stay awake.

Always remember that coffee is your best friend and seems to solve a lot of problems.

I hope my quick tips list of things for second semester will be helpful, but the internet also has some great tips for that sort of thing, too. I found this list to be pretty dead on as far as making it through with flying colors.

But every person is different, so be sure to figure out your weaknesses in order to succeed and persevere just a bit longer.


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