Helpful tips for second semester

The new yoga mat that I got for Christmas. I can’t wait to use it to relieve some stress at the next yoga class offered in the Horner Center.
The new yoga mat that I got for Christmas. I can’t wait to use it to relieve some stress at the next yoga class offered in the Horner Center.

Breaks tend to be thought of as a time for you to relax and enjoy yourself, maybe make a little extra cash and ultimately, to get revived for the coming semester.

However, Christmas break always seems to just make me more tired and less motivated to for school than finals did. I’m not sure if it’s my Grandmother’s cooking, laying around reading books I actually enjoy or running around trying to fit family and friends into the short amount of time I’m home.

I didn’t even pack to come home until Sunday morning, and as soon as I was finished, my dad and I started the trip back to Hanover. The whole time we were driving I was thinking about the classes I would take, sorority recruitment, continuing my internship search and the resolutions I have made. I  became overwhelmed before I even pulled onto campus.

Once I unpacked, I sat down in my room and began to think about what I needed to do. I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to make a game plan of how to approach this semester to keep myself motivated.

I started out by typing out my schedule in Excel so that I could see where my free time was throughout the week. I then factored in my time for weekly meetings and my TV shows, along with time for me to go to the gym.

The rest of the time was for studying and homework. I also went through all my notebooks and binders from last semester and saved the material from the classes in my major in order to have something to look back on when I begin studying for my comprehensive exams.

Once that was all under control, I began to feel a little better. If you also found yourself feeling a little unmotivated for this new semester, let me tell you how I plan to keep myself upbeat:

1. Getting stuff done ASAP: whether it be homework or going to the gym, I plan to get it done the first chance I can so I don’t stress about it being unfinished.

2. Going to the gym: this is not only for physical health, but for mental as well. It has been proven that going to the gym releases hormones that make you feel more positive and that combat the common bad-stress hormones.

3. Eating better: Unlike most people, I eat healthier at school than when I go home, so I have made plans to get back to eating healthy. I noticed in just the first week of break that I was feeling sluggish and was in a less positive mood than I had been at school.

4. Me Time: at the end of every night I have an hour set aside as Me Time, and I plan to use this either to read books (other than school work), doing yoga or even just watch TV/Netflix.


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