One semester down

One of my favorite pictures from my last trip to Disney World. Can't believe I get to go back!
One of my favorite pictures from my last trip to Disney World. Can’t believe I get to go back!

I just completed my last finals. The test was actually one that is a bit different than your average blue book or essay final. This final was for my communication law class.

In the class, we talk about laws for journalism, television, radio and all other types of communication. It is really interesting and extremely relevant to everyday life. If any student is interested in law or a media route within communication, I would highly suggest it.

We also talk about ad campaigns and commercialization, so it would be beneficial for business and/or public relations career paths as well.

Prior to my final, I had to write a term paper that described a controversial law that we discussed in class. From there, I did a lot of research on my specific law and cases that surrounded it.

The issue I chose was cyber bullying. The information that I found was very interesting and made me really want something to be done for victims. Because of this class though, I was able to understand law articles and the issue as a whole, rather than just on the surface.

As a communication major seeking a media career path, this class has been more than helpful. It has helped me analyze the correct practices that I can take once I get into the job field.

My ultimate goal is to become a television anchor, but I have learned throughout my studies that I will have to more than likely start small. This will mean that I will have to probably start off as a reporter and work my way into an anchor position.

There are a lot of specific laws and guidelines that are expected for reporters to follow that I had no idea about. Even if I am lucky enough to land an anchor position to start off with, knowing these practical skills will prove beneficial to me because I will have the ability to hold several hats within my work place.

My last final was actually a presentation covering the term paper that I wrote. I had to take a side on the issue and argue for that side.

What made it difficult was that I argued that the cyber bullying law should not change, which was exactly the opposite of how I felt. But overall, it was a good way to get a grasp of both sides to the argument. I had a partner who argued the other side.

After our presentation, the class was able to ask questions regarding the issue, but also our presentation. I am a little nervous about the presentation, but I feel well versed on the topic. Here is a video that I included in my presentation.

Ultimately, the semester feels to have been a success. And in just a few short days I will be in Florida for Christmas break. I am going to Disney World, and I am super stoked! I can’t wait to get away for a little while, and then come back to spend some time with the family.

The time really seemed to pass by super fast, but break will be over before I know it, so it is time to enjoy what time I do have.

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