Finals Week at Hanover College

A glimpse of the CC as you walk in for late night breakfast!
A glimpse of the CC as you walk in for late night breakfast.

Finals Week is this week, and you can definitely tell on campus. Most of the buildings are empty, and it seems that we all stick to the essentials when it comes to clothing:  sweatpants or leggings and sweatshirts.

It’s totally acceptable because we all know that everyone has had the oddest sleep schedules as we prepare for these dreaded exams. Personally, I don’t find finals week that bad. I actually prefer it to midterms week.

For the incoming freshman, a word of advice would be to try to not rely on just your finals to pull up your grade. Although you can’t take them lightly in most cases, it’s nice to know that your pass or fail is not riding on one test.

But, I also know that having that line of thinking is not exactly reasonable. We all have problems with classes at some point. And students here all have to take a wide range of classes because Hanover College has a focus on the liberal arts.

If you notice a problem during the course, there are lots of options. The best, in my opinion, would be to go to the Learning Center. They can really help a lot with specific courses and majors.

It wouldn’t be finals week without it beginning with a Hanover College tradition. Every Sunday before finals, we have free late night breakfast. Not only is it really yummy, but the professors and staff members on campus actually serve the food to you.

Everyone comes out for it, and it is usually from about 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Brown Campus Center (CC) cafeteria. There are also great door prizes that are given away, too, and they have varied from year to year.

This year, gift cards were the main prizes. When students walk in, they just sign a sheet, and a new name is drawn every 15 minutes for a prize.

We are also put into the holiday spirit during the first semester finals week as Christmas music fills the air in the CC. It is always so much fun as everyone sings along, and comes together for good food and fun. It’s also a great way to take an often much needed study break.

Being able to be a part of so many traditions within a school has been an awesome experience. With Late Night Breakfast, it is the perfect way for professors to say thanks to the students for their hard work throughout the semester.

It’s really a win-win because all of the students love the food and the atmosphere. I can’t even begin to imagine not having these awesome opportunities within my school.

So, even though I feel like I may want to pull my hair out during finals week, in the end, I am really thankful for it all. I know that somehow I will make it out alive from finals week — even if I begin to question that a bit at times (I’m only kind of kidding).

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