Coming back to Christmas spirit

The Sigma Chi house in all its Christmas glory.
The Sigma Chi house in all its Christmas glory.

For Thanksgiving break, almost everyone went home. Living only two hours away, I have the luxury of going home almost every break to visit with family and friends, and catch up on their lives.

Unfortunately, the reality of college is that some people live a little too far away to go home for a four-day weekend. My girlfriend was lucky enough to get to fly back to Texas to visit with her family, and a few of our Sigma Chi brothers took in some others for the holiday.

A few brothers elected to stay behind, though, and it’s been really cool to hear how they celebrated the holiday. From going to 88 King (the local Chinese buffet) to cooking a turkey dinner for themselves and friends, the stories were varied and fairly interesting all around.

Perhaps the coolest part of coming back was all the work they put into filling the house with holiday decorations.

Due to traffic on I-65, a trip that normally takes me two hours took me four, and by the time I got on campus at 9 p.m. I was exhausted. I didn’t want to do homework or really even talk to anyone.

As I pulled on campus, though, my spirits were brightened a little by all the holiday lights. Brothers who had gotten back before me had decked the house with decorations and lights, and it was a really nice welcome back.

I parked my car and started carrying my laundry into the house. I made my way up the stairs, and the smell of cinnamon and pine trees hit my senses; there were more lights hung through the halls.

Christmas music was playing in one room, and for some reason I felt like the whole house was welcoming me back. I’m not even normally the kind of person to get excited about decorations or trees but maybe because they were set up and ready when I walked in the door was what made it all so special.

Over the next day we continued to play Christmas music (loudly, much to the dismay of a few brothers) and hang more lights outside the house. We even covered our famous white cross. A quick look around campus, and I saw all the other Greek houses and even a few campus buildings decked out as well.

When it comes to things like this, it’s really nice to know the campus can pull together, put aside the drama for a few hours and make the campus look beautiful for the season, even if it’s only for a few weeks.


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