Hanover College traditions

some pretty campus views
some pretty campus views

Well ,the campus has been hit — with snow that is. On my way home from the pageant Sunday, my boyfriend and I got to navigate through the winter weather.

The crazy thing is that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and we have snow! But the one advantage to the unseasonably cold weather is how beautiful it has made campus.

The white snow has made the bare trees a beautiful sight. The biggest problem has been trying to keep warm on your walk to class. Thankfully, I brought my winter coat back after being home this past weekend.

I was very fortunate for that, too, because the annual snowball fight took place the other night. At Hanover College, we have several traditions, and one of them is the annual snowball fight.

I think our traditions are just one of the many things that makes us unique. It’s a great way for everyone to be able to experience the college in a fun and memorable way.

The snowball fight happens every year on the first significant snowfall. Not only does everyone participate, but it also happens at midnight. But, this isn’t your grandma’s snowball fight. It can definitely get pretty heated at times.

After being here for a couple of years, I think I have grown to appreciate getting to watch from the sidelines. The snowball fight can get pretty hysterical.

Some advice for incoming freshman is to be prepared. Have your winter coat handy when it gets close to this time of year. With Indiana weather, you never know when the snow will actually be here.

Just last week we had almost 70-degree weather. The rumor is that we will actually get a warm spell again. Along with your coat, investing in some nice gloves will come in handy to avoid frostbite or just cold hands. Waterproof ones preferably. Some thick socks and snow boots or rain boots will also be helpful.

This all may sound like a bit much for just one snowball fight, but this is stuff that will be good to have for winter in general. Last year, we had several snow days, which was very uncommon. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Even though our campus isn’t that big, walking from one point on campus to another can be a bit of the drag in the cold. So keeping warm is essential to keeping yourself from not only getting sick but also to  keep yourself from becoming miserable.

Now that I have everything possible to keep me equipped for the cold weather, I am enjoying the pretty campus views. It’s crazy how fast time has flown. Thanksgiving is just next week.

With the snow here, however, I have found it acceptable to listen to my Christmas music. So that is the upside to all of this. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I guess bringing it just a little earlier than normal is okay with me for now.

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