One-on-one conversation

The view Carrie and I had on our excellent coffee date.
The view Carrie and I had on our excellent coffee date.

We live in a very fast paced society. As we all are trying to keep up, we can forget the little things that we use to love.

One thing I forgot that I love, is one-on-one conversations. Today, Carrie Alexander (an HC senior and one of my Phi Mu sisters) and I decided to grab a coffee at my favorite coffee shop and just talk.

We sat there for almost two and a half hours talking about nothing and everything. We talked about memories in Australia and memories at Hanover.

I think the thing that got us the most was how much Australia has changed our lives. It opened our minds to how many people are different in the world and how many people are the same. We have met so many different types of people, and they have helped us realize who we want to associate ourselves with in the future.

Being able to sit with a person for a long period of time and reconnect is oddly refreshing. I was so caught up with study and exams and the fact that I am leaving that I was getting semi-depressed and anxious.

I was nervous about me coming back to Hanover and how I was going to adjust with the culture shock. All I needed to hear was that one friend reminding me how open and welcoming all of our friends are there.

I honestly forgot how needed face-to-face, one-on-one contact is needed. I was so used to depending on texting and  social media, I forgot how personal interaction can heal and help when needed. When I felt  isolated all I needed was someone with whom I could have a nice, calm conversation.

Study abroad helped me make heaps of one-on-one personal connections. I never realized how deep a conversation could hit.

This is why I study abroad: to make realizations like this. I am so thankful for the opportunity Hanover and my parents have allowed me to have here.


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