Dead Week approaches

How many of us feel post dead week.
How many of us feel post Dead Week.

The name “Dead Week” is nowhere as innocent as it may sound. Dead Week is supposed to be a time where professors begin to wind down on their curriculum and begin preparations for the given classes’ final exam. Well, this may be true to an extent; the term “Dead Week” can spell utter hell for students.

The true definition of Dead Week from my perspective is a time where professor pile on the infamous “Three Ps”: projects, papers and presentations. These Three Ps can either make or break your grade in potentially any of your classes.

This year, I seem to have a plethora of projects for every class leading up to Dead Week. I have an organizational profile project and paper due for my Financial Decision Making class that will take up some time, but I have already gotten a solid start on the project.

I have a policy analysis project for my Political Science class, which I have yet to look at, and finally, I have to perform a professional interview with an executive and give a presentation on them in my E-Commerce class.

This may seem like a lot of work, and in all honesty, it really is. But Dead Week is manageable. One must divide their time in a manner in which they do not put every project off to the final days, and instead work on the projects little by little, day by day until they are complete.

I will not lie and tell you all that the stress is not overwhelming, and that I will feel less stressed day by day because that is not the case. College is supposed to be challenging and rigorous. And with Hanover being one of the most difficult schools, the complexity on dead should come as no surprise to anyone.

So, one may ask, what can I as a student take out of Dead Week? Personally, I believe that Dead Week enhances one’s time management skills drastically. As I have said before, separating certain projects out weeks prior to their due date is the best way to put forth your best work and earn your best grade on the project.

My plan for this weekend is to stay in Friday night and work on my paper for Financial Decision Making. Four of my five roommates will be in Cincinnati for their final cross-country meet, so my Greenwood pod should be relatively quiet (unless my other roommate decides to throw a party by himself.)

Saturday will be my escape from schoolwork. My roommate and I are going to watch my other roommates and one of my fraternity brothers in their race and then come back to celebrate the end of a great season for them.

And then Sunday, it will be right back to work, and I plan to finish about half of my project by then as well as finishing the homework I have for other classes, too.

Yes, Dead Week is another added stress to being a college student, but the benefits that could come from Dead Week far outweigh the associated costs. Unfortunately, my blog posts may suffer, but then again, maybe not. Take care of yourself these upcoming weeks, and I will attempt to do the same.

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