I, unfortunately, have less than 14 days left here in Australia, and it is heartbreaking. It also is such a drag that the last 12 days I am here, I have to study and take my finals.

I have always had a normal amount of stress when it comes to finals but I have never over stressed until I was here. It isn’t even the finals and studying that I am stressed out about. I am stressed at all the rules and regulations that put on the finals.

At Hanover, you get your schedule, you show up and take your test, bada-big bada-boom, finals over, and it is all good. All the stress you have is the actual studying and figuring out the information.

The incredibly long list that says my calculator is not approved.
The incredibly long list that says my calculator is not approved.

Finals in Australia is crazy. I feel like I am going through U.S. customs after coming home from the Caribbean. There were so many procedures and regulations.

The first flag that hinted to me how crazy they were is that I wasn’t allowed to use my calculator for my STATISTICS test. I had to have a special kind of Australian calculator that didn’t allow graphing. They have this long list of calculators that are not approved and a short list of calculators that are.

Next, when you go into the exam, everyone who is in the course is spread out in different rooms in different BUILDINGS. You also have your own labeled table to which you are assigned.

You must leave all your backpacks outside the room. If you insist on bringing in your wallet and more than one pen/pencil, you must put it all in a clear plastic baggie that they will provide for you.

You can only have one water bottle in the room, and it must be clear and have the label removed. It also must be placed under your desk.

Finally, you must have your student ID on your desk during the test; this isn’t that unreasonable. What was unreasonable, however, is that the final facilitator walked round during the two hours and checked the IDs three times. Did I get up magically and send in my twin?

All I can say is that I will not miss the finals here, and I will be grateful for the procedures Hanover takes for finals.

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