Concert night at Sigma Chi

One of the many objectives fraternities have is to give back to the community as well as to serve it. Specifically, Sigma Chi’s philanthropic beneficiary is the Jon Huntsman Cancer Institute, which helps with research and treatment for those battling cancer.

Here at Hanover, we like to think a little outside the box and come up with the most creative ways to raise money. For instance, last year, Phi Delta Theta raised money by bringing a local wrestling organization on campus and having a big wrestling night for everyone to attend.

Sigma Chi is a house filled with artists and musicians, so to play to our strengths we decided to host a concert night, asking for donations at the door. This is the second semester that we have decided to do this as a philanthropy event, and both times it turned out well.

The lineup of entertainment for the night ended up being more than just musical acts, which was fantastic in terms of attracting as many people to the event as possible. The opening event was a skit by Evil Petting Zoo, Hanover’s best improv comedy group.

Between acts we had Shane Totten, a junior-year brother, perform some spoken word by Watsky and Bo Burnham.

Room for Molly!
Room for Molly!

The next act to perform was a band by the name of The Page Left Blank, which has freshmen, Casey Applegate and Joshua Parker in it. The music was a little more hardcore than what I listen to on a regular basis, but I can still appreciate good music for what it’s worth, and they sounded great.

The next band was Room for Molly, formerly known as Elbow Room. They played some classic rock hits and mashed in some pop hits to get the crowd jamming and singing along.

Room for Molly is a band comprised of Professors Bill Bettler and Craig Philipp as well as students Molly McCurdy and Alec Hamaker.

The last band to play was the Mat Brown Band, not to be confused with the Zak Brown Band or the Hanover legend Matt Brown. This band was Dean Gnadinger and myself, and we played some country, rock songs and pop songs — basically anything you can make sound decent with a stand up bass and a guitar.

We didn’t raise as much money as we wanted, but what we did raise will definitely be helpful, and everyone seemed to have a great time. If it sounds interesting to you, keep an eye and an ear out next semester, we’ll probably be doing it again!


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