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One of Professor Connor's many weird examples: a jacket and hat from his days with Heinz.
One of Professor Connor’s many weird examples: a jacket and hat from his days with Heinz.

One of the best and most innovative programs Hanover College offers its students is the Business Scholars Program. While I wasn’t too excited about it during my freshman year, it’s been one of the best choices I’ve made here so far.

Hanover, for one reason or another, does not have a business major. This may seem a little weird as most other colleges offer some kind of degree in it. As a liberal arts college, Hanover wants its students to get a wide range of experiences.

Because of this, paired with the demand for business experience, Hanover offers the Business Scholars Program. Students major in one field while gaining the business knowledge they will need in their careers. For instance, I’m getting a degree in psychology while also taking part in the BSP.

There are a few general courses everyone takes like Management Concepts and Financial Decision Making. The best part of the BSP is that students can personalize their experience with two electives and an academic internship in the summer between your junior and senior years.

So far, I’ve completed one of my electives with Marketing and Promotion, which is a basic marketing class, with Professor Connor. Of all the BSP courses I’ve taken so far, this has been by far the most interesting and entertaining.

With countless examples, brainstorming activities and opportunities for creativity, it is absolutely engaging. Professor Connor, who has a background in marketing with Heinz and Proctor & Gamble, makes lectures interesting with commercials, advertisements and even costumes.

In addition to all the classes, there are also co-curricular activities that prepare students for the business world. From interviews to résumés to internship consultations, students get a lot of help they wouldn’t get otherwise. A few credits more than the average minor, it’s easy to fit in your schedule and still get another minor or even major.

Currently, about a third of the junior class are members of the BSP, and each class seems to be growing exponentially. Speaking to recent graduates of the program, I can already see how beneficial this will be.

I have spoken to several people who didn’t join when they had the chance, and many of them regret their decision not to take on the extra work. I’m extremely satisfied with my choice and can’t wait to see where this program takes me.


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